Anti-Smoking Magnetic Bracelet

Anti-Smoking Magnetic Bracelet

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The benefits of magnetotherapy for smokers

Our team has worked tirelessly with tobacco specialists and doctors to offer a healthy, natural alternative: magnetotherapy. This technique, which dates back to ancient times, involves stimulating targeted areas of the brain to eliminate the desire to smoke, secrete endorphins and restore balance to your health. Adopt our solution to say goodbye to your tobacco addiction once and for all.

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Free yourself from tobacco forever

Magnetic therapy is today’s most effective solution for eliminating the urge to smoke without compensating (food, alcohol, etc.). Our magnetic bracelet will accompany you throughout the day.
What makes our bracelet so incredible is that, thanks to Germanium, 3000 Gauss magnets and far infrared, it acts directly on the areas of your brain responsible for your cravings (these areas include the reward system, the pre-frontal area and the amygdala). As a result, your brain will eliminate craving signals, as it will feel that it is receiving the nicotine necessary for your well-being.

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